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 Rules of Delta Vllians

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PostSubject: Rules of Delta Vllians   Wed Sep 30, 2015 3:54 pm

First, we were going to have a "play" requirement which means you would have to pay a certain number of rated games per week/couple weeks, and at first i didn't like it, but i see what has happened to the clan and now we are implementing this idea, with the input of the other leaders we have decided to make the play requirement 5 RATED game every 2 WEEKS..
Second this we have discussed is recruiting requirements, that would be perescreening of the players, look at their raking, an their win/loses and they will have to complete the triple threat or a test of similar difficulty
failure to do these requirements could result in dismal from the clan, we are not trying to be mean we just want to make sure we have active players
We know you all have lives, so if something comes up just message one of us and let us know that you will be unable to meet a requirement and we will understand.
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Rules of Delta Vllians
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